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  • Karen Ullman

    Karen Ullman Leave a message

    Seedcare Product Lead

    Syngenta Canada Inc.

     We have a proven track record of providing excellent fungicide seed treatments, and Vayantis represents our most effective Pythium solution. Vayantis will help growers adopt reduced or low-tillage practices to protect their soil, plant targeted seed populations and avoid costly replants from poor emergence. Phytophthora root and stem rot is one of the most significant diseases in many Canadian soybean growing geographies. Under high disease pressure conditions, such as cool, wet weather, plants treated with Vayantis IV emerge faster and more uniformly. The comprehensive protection that Vayantis IV provides will also help growers protect the long-term viability of their Phytophthora genetics. Syngenta Canada launches Vayantis corn and soybean seed treatment


    MATTI TIAINEN Leave a message

    Chief Executive Officer

    Pro Farm Technologies

     PGGWS, owned by DLF Seeds, is an industry leader in providing key crop inputs for Uruguay’s forage and row crops. They also have a presence throughout South America, most notably including Argentina and Brazil. We hope this is the beginning of a growing partnership in the region. PGG Wrightson Seeds to distribute Marrone Bio Innovations' Pro Farm UBP Seed Treatment in Uruguay

  • Kevin Hammill

    Kevin Hammill Leave a message

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.(MBI)

     South American markets are of key importance to our international expansion plans and this new partnership with PGGWS supports that global growth strategy. The introduction of our UBP Seed Treatment to the Uruguayan market provides an innovative product that helps farmers establish healthier plants and increase crop yields. PGG Wrightson Seeds to distribute Marrone Bio Innovations' Pro Farm UBP Seed Treatment in Uruguay

  • Rebecca Noble

    Rebecca Noble Leave a message

    product manager, Seed Treatments

    BASF Crop Protection USA

     "The addition of Poncho XC seed treatment and Relenya seed treatment enhances our cereals seed treatment portfolio and offers growers a broader range of solutions to combat early-season insect and disease pressure." BASF adds new products to cereals seed treatment lineup in the US

  • Chris Hewitt

    Chris Hewitt Leave a message

    Senior brand manager for seed treatments

    BASF Agricultural Solutions

     Teraxxa works by binding to a specific site of action upon contact that affects the wireworm’s central nervous system. That causes rapid, irreversible hyperactivity of nerves and muscles leading to convulsions, paralysis and death. There are several species of wireworms in Manitoba and across the West and Teraxxa works on them all. BASF’s ‘novel’ wireworm seed treatment could be available in Canada next year

  • Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson Leave a message

    Seed Treatment Market Manager


     Wilbur-Ellis announced the release of a new and improved seed treatment product, STEPUP 2.0. The redesigned formulation allows for lower use rates on seed which can result in better seed flow at planting while retaining its performance. Wilbur-Ellis company announces new and improved seed treatment product – STEPUP 2.0

  • Dario Maffei

    Dario Maffei Leave a message

    Vice President Global Markets Hedging - CEO Brasil at Indigo

    Indigo AG

     We arrived in Brazil a short time ago and began our commercial operations this year, with our first offer in the market. We brought the concept of seed treatment biotechnology, which was also our first product in the United States. This season, we are only working with soybeans, but in the next, we will offer treatment for corn and then cotton. All Indigo solutions will be in Brazil in 2 years - Interview with Dario Maffei, Indigo Vice President of Global Markets Hedge

  • Tom Kroll

    Tom Kroll Leave a message

    Product and Technical Manager, Seed Treatments of Nufarm

    Nufarm Americas Inc.

     “Trunemco provides soybean producers with the opportunity to move beyond traditional chemistry-based products to address the threat of nematodes by managing the plant’s natural defenses. An additional related benefit is its low toxicity profile which significantly improves handling ease for growers/applicators, allowing them to improve their bottom line.” Nufarm acquires Trunemco™ Nematode Management Seed Treatment from BASF

  • Brad Littlefield

    Brad Littlefield Leave a message

    Product Manager


     “We’re proud to add supplementary value-added products and services such as the CottolyST line to our expanding offerings for our customers. Providing the latest technologies in cottonseed varieties, as well as treatment options that provide additional protection, further underscores our commitment to growers throughout the Cotton Belt. In fact, growers can now bundle their NexGen seed purchase treated with CottolyST Enhanced together and earn rebates up to $4.00 an acre with our Advanced Protection Program.” Americot Introduces CottolyST Seed Treatments

  • Michiel De Jongh

    Michiel De Jongh Leave a message

    Head of Syngenta Seedcare

    Syngenta Crop Protection AG

     “We are excited to be adding VAYANTIS™ to our broad seed treatment portfolio. PICARBUTRAZOX, with its novel mode of action, will strengthen Syngenta’s leading Pythium control portfolio Mefenoxam and Azoxystrobin Technology. It will offer growers even more choices to control early seedling diseases to an unmatched level by ensuring stand uniformity with strong and healthy plant growth right from the start. VAYANTIS™ will be used in combination with APRON® to complement genetic tolerance or even resistance in specific crops. VAYANTIS™ is an example of how Syngenta is accelerating innovation through investment in technologies that matter to bring about positive, lasting change for more sustainable agriculture”. Syngenta announces global introduction of novel seed treatment fungicide Vayantis

  • Clémence Courtois

    Clémence Courtois Leave a message

    Project and Marketing Services manager

    Bayer CropScience AG

     “Peridiam Active 109 is a seed coating dedicated to cereals and it works in many combinations with different kinds of seed treatment products. It supports early plant development by adding the micronutrients zinc, manganese, and molybdenum, and provides the cereal crop with a balanced nutrient add-on at germination. Moreover, it keeps the dust level well below the critical threshold. So far we have had absolutely positive results with our Bayer SeedGrowth products like Redigo® Pro, for instance, and also Bariton® Perfect. But of course, Peridiam Active 109 is performing well with other products and combinations as well.” Making good even better: Adding micronutrients to seed coatings

  • Dennis Selse

    Dennis Selse Leave a message

    Sr Research Chemist, Agro Applications


     There are a lot of synthetic binders used today as dust reducing agents in seed treatment formulations, but there are not too many good natural derived binders with a more sustainable profile. A sustainable or green product needs to have a significant natural content. Akzo Nobel’s research center in Chattanooga, USA, has invented hybrid copolymerization technology. AkzoNobel: Adsee™ ST4, A Polymeric Binder for Seed Treatment - A Sustainable Solution

  • Marcelo de Godoy Oliveira

    Marcelo de Godoy Oliveira Leave a message


    Simbiose Agrotecnologia Biológica

     I believe that the treatments will be divided in some formats, the first one will be kept from the already known and usual, treatment of seeds made on the farm, the other has already been implanted a few years ago, which is the treatment of Industrial seeds, where the producer acquires the seeds with all the biological treatments, and the third and last one that I believe to be the most technically advisable for the volume of biological technologies used, will be the use of equipment that is coupled to the planters so that at the moment of the planting injects the biological products in the groove with the seeds. Simbiose is technologically prepared for all three forms. Biological Seed Treatment: Innovation Boosts Billions of Business

  • Pieter Oosters

    Pieter Oosters Leave a message

    Product Manager Microbials

    Koppert Biological Systems(KOPPERT B.V.)

     Koppert sees a bright future concerning biological seed treatment. More and more techniques occur to work with nature in order to get the best crop stance and plant protection. It used to be that seed treatment mainly consisted of a polymer coating and chemical fungicides plus insecticide. This to protect the plant in its early stage of development. Koppert experiences that several chemical fungicides are showing decreasing efficacy and some are banished already or are expected to be banished in the near future. Biologicals therefore have an important gap to close. Looking at the current developments, the biostimulants have started to conquer position in the market. This type of products is preparing the market for more sophisticated microbial plant protection products which not only have a proven effect as biological fungicide, nematicide or insecticide but also enhances germination and further growth at the same time. Biological Seed Treatment: Innovation Boosts Billions of Business

  • Ioana Tudor

    Ioana Tudor Leave a message

    Global Head of Syngenta Seedcare

    Syngenta Crop Protection AG

     Syngenta has launched CLARIVA® that is a biological seed applied nematicide for cyst nematodes which we currently sell in the U.S., Canada and Brazil. It is the only biological nematicide in the market today that gets in direct contact with the nematode and kills it. In addition, under our EPIVIO™ umbrella brand for Abiotic Stress Management we sell a number of seed applied biologicals which are compatible with our Seedcare portfolio. Biological Seed Treatment: Innovation Boosts Billions of Business

  • Boualem Saidi

    Boualem Saidi Leave a message

    Global Head of SeedGrowth Asset Management in Crop Strategy and Portfolio Management

    Bayer CropScience AG

     Bayer SeedGrowth will benefit a lot from legacy Monsanto expertise. We have a fantastic opportunity to bring together the best technologies, tremendous knowledge in seeds, and customer experience. Digital farming with the Climate Corporation is another strategic area where we can learn and benefit a lot. Our seed footprint and our unprecedented R&D budget in the industry will strengthen our ability to deliver powerful and tailored solutions for all farmers. Interview with Martin Gruss, former Global Head Bayer SeedGrowth, and his successor Boualem Saidi : The new setup for growth

  • Martin Gruss

    Martin Gruss Leave a message

    Vice President

    SeedGrowth Portfolio

    Bayer CropScience AG

     At Bayer SeedGrowth we have always been pioneers: pioneers in ground-breaking achievements in seed applied technologies that have changed the world of farming. In the past, our collaboration with seed companies, for example, successfully created new market segments. Take the launch of Gaucho® as a sugar beet seed treatment: It truly changed the kind of yield and value sugar beets could deliver. Above all, it increased efficiency, because some foliar sprays were no longer necessary – an absolute novelty at that time. By the way: With more than 100 years of expertise in the market, we also stand for engagement and consistency. And, as Bayer, we can now speak with even more competence about sustainable agriculture with the integration and also the know-how and expertise of our new colleagues at legacy Monsanto creating the leading innovation engine in agriculture. Interview with Martin Gruss, former Global Head Bayer SeedGrowth, and his successor Boualem Saidi : The new setup for growth

  • Denis Selse

    Denis Selse Leave a message

    Sr Research Chemist, Agro Applications



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