UAV Plant Protection Industry

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Grace Yuan

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  • Antoine Vielliard

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    Global Marketing Director at Solvay Novecare Agro

    Agricultural Specialties


     UAV crop protection is a growing trend worldwide, in particular China, with agricultural drones providing all-in-one solutions primarily for precision farming and spraying of crops. This trend impacts tank mix adjuvants which are a key additive to enhance efficiency of drone spray. Based on Solvay 25 years' experience in this field, we reflect on trends in this market as well as on the future of innovation in tank mix adjuvants, with a focus on drone spray in China. Solvay: Drift Control and Deposition Adjuvants for Agricultural Application

  • Qin Long

    Qin Long Leave a message

    The Director of Technology Center at Wynca

    Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co., Ltd

     Using its crop research institute as a strong backup, Wynca lays stress on development of products adapted to aerial applications. After years of hard work, Wynca has developed a number of products adaptable to aerial applications, such as the aerial application adjuvant “Revoiate”, which has received positive feedback from the market. Wynca: Strengthens development of formulation and adjuvant for UAV application, Nongfeike Platform plays an active role in establishing benign eco-market


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