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  • Nick Koch

    Nick Koch Leave a message

    Marketing Manager for Horticulture and Insecticide

    Corteva Agriscience

     “The introduction of Entrust Organic offers organic growers a new resistance management tool for the selective control of some of Australia’s most damaging pests. As with all insecticides it is beholden on users to rotate between different chemical Modes of Action (MoA) in accordance with label directions to prevent the onset of resistance.” Corteva to launch new organic insecticide to Australian market

  • Chris Bowley

    Chris Bowley Leave a message

    Brand and Customer Marketing Manager

    Nufarm Americas Inc.

     “One of Nufarm’s key goals is to expand the tools available to farmers to help them fight challenges posed by weeds. Panther MTZ improves results where they’re needed most – combatting weed resistance, assisting burndown and adding residual control. In addition to pre-plant application, growers can apply this fall to ease weed pressure out of the gate this spring.” Nufarm announces launch of new Panther? family herbicide

  • Jason Kuhlemeier

    Jason Kuhlemeier Leave a message

    Vice President of Marketing

    AgBiome, LLC.

     "In a few short years, the AgBiome team has taken Howler from the lab to being available to all growers in the continental U.S. This milestone paves a path for a strong pipeline of products coming out of AgBiome -- our first big commercial step toward feeding the world responsibly." AgBiome's Howler biofungicide receives state registration in California

  • Toni Bucci

    Toni Bucci Leave a message


    AgBiome, LLC.

     "California growers continue to demand new solutions for protecting their high-value crops from diseases. We've seen strong retail adoption with Howler in other states, and we are thrilled that California growers now have the opportunity to experience Howler." AgBiome's Howler biofungicide receives state registration in California

  • Sean Smith

    Sean Smith Leave a message


    Eden Research plc

     “For various reasons, including the volume of fruit and vegetables produced and the size of the organic area, Spain represents an important market in the EU for Eden.” Eden Research's bionematicide 'Cedroz' gets authorisation in Spain

  • Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson Leave a message

    Seed Treatment Market Manager


     Wilbur-Ellis announced the release of a new and improved seed treatment product, STEPUP 2.0. The redesigned formulation allows for lower use rates on seed which can result in better seed flow at planting while retaining its performance. Wilbur-Ellis company announces new and improved seed treatment product – STEPUP 2.0


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